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About me

Me - I’m Nic, I have been sewing since I was a little girl, my Mum taught me as her Mum taught her, I come from a long line of sewists! Living in Cheshire UK, I make all kinds of items including clothing and soft furnishings, She Could Sew She Did was born from a love of creating and embodies the empowerment and freedom of being able to turn my hand to anything

I am not a pattern designer but can use any commercially available pattern(s) to make the perfect made to measure item as long as the patterns have commercial permissions attached 



Children's Items -  I particularly love making children's clothes because I get to create sweet outfits from beautiful fabrics in classically timeless vintage style that can be enjoyed for generations. My items are the perfect gift for a new baby, Niece, Nephew or Grandchild as well as a special outfit for your own child. I can also transform your own fabric into a stunning item



Adult's Items - I introduced adult items at Cheshire Fashion Week 2019 with Odette, a teen and misses style to match Odette Mini also launched at the show. I can make matching items in the same fabrics or stand alone adult items. I have all kinds of styles planned for 2020 but if you have something in mind contact me and I'm sure I can find fabric and pattern(s) to suit



Teaching/Workshops - I love teaching people of any age to sew and understand fabric, whether in 1:1 sessions, groups or workshops. I have bookings for a local Cheshire community group and 1:1 clients and I am developing workshop plans for 2020, keep an eye out here for details

If you would like to inquire about something tailored to suit you, please contact me


Other Stuff - I also make soft furnishings including Roman Binds and take in alterations - please contact me for details