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Sew You Can - Learn to Sew

She Could Sew She Did

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Fancy dusting off that sewing machine stuck in a corner/cupboard/loft and learning a stress busting endorphin releasing skill? Then book an online 1:1 lesson, group lesson or workshop with me and discover the massive sense of achievement from sewing your own item.

I'll help you no matter what level you are at, from a beginner wanting to know the basics of how to use a sewing machine to more intermediate/advanced sewers that may just need a confidence boost. 

You can pick your session length from 1, 1.5 or 2 hours during week days including evenings, except a Thursday evening. Got a sewing buddy? Book together and share the cost, maximum 4 people.

We can work on a project of your choosing or I can make suggestions based on what you want to achieve.

Want something a little more structured? How about a workshop with materials supplied? You can see current workshops here

Got a friend and want to give an everlasting gift? Book a session or workshop for them as the best present ever!

Zoom lessons are £15/hr whilst UK lockdown and social distancing applies. Please indicate which day(s) suit you best int he 'Special Instructions for Seller' box on your order